【HolmesWatson】A Letter to Dr Watson



Dear John,
  How's your life going?How about Mrs Hudson?
  When you see this letter,that means you are safe forever.I won't appear again to make your life in a mass.That's good,isn't it?
  I came back before long,but I found that all the things are different.You met a girl and then fell in love,then you left 221B,taking away all your things.When I got in,I just saw an empty apartment.I came to your new house.I saw you smile happily,and the girl was beside you.Her name's Mary,right? Look,I don't remember the wrong thing this time.I remember her name.
  During the past time,I've always thought,I was not alone.Even when all the people objected me,I still had John.But now,I realized,I'm still alone.I came back,and you've already been away.I'm back,and you left.Did you still remember? I said,I had no friends but you.
  Now I lost you.I heard youget married. Good,really.You can enjoy the real people's life,with happiness.No danger,no police,no crime,and the most important thing,no Sherlock.
It's fine.It's all fine.You won't get hurt for me,that's good. You are safe.
  I'm always alone,but that's enough.I'm a high funcitioning sociopecth.I have no heart.
  You won't meet me, forever.
  God bless you.
                                                   Your      ,
                                               Sherlock Holmes

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